Letters to LR - March 2019

Hi LR,

Just wanted to say a big congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Wishing you and your partner a lovely day and long and wonderful future together. 

Here’s a bachelordom clue for you. I don’t really think ‘spells’ works as an anagram indicator but it’s more for your enjoyment than a real clue:

Mooch a bed with LR? It spells an end of this for him! (11)

Thanks for the crosswords mate 

– Patrick, via email

Dear Patrick, thanks, this made me chuckle! The wedding was great, cheers

– LR

birdshit copy.jpg

Hi LR,

Loved last week’s cartoon - it happened to me once in Lane Cove Plaza - a woman rushed up to me to tell me the bird poo on my head was lucky! 

Karen, via Twitter

Dear LR 

Re Classic (PuzzleMail #017)

Brutal. So many I couldn’t get at all so it remains unfinished. C’est la vie. VASECTOMY, though, made me laugh

 – Brendan, email

Dear Brendan,

Not surprised, it’s a bit of a radical theme!

– LR