LR is one of Australia’s best-known crossword creators.
His custom work covers corporate marketing campaigns and events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more.

“LR, the Museum LOVES your crossword”

“Our media head just sent out the link… to the whole Museum. Everyone’s delighted and really chuffed! Well done.”


"He absolutely loved it!!”

“He was really taken a back by the sentiment and then the goods to back it up. Was very impressed with the calibre and of clues (which is big to impress him!!) He has the framed one up at home another copy on his wall at school.”


“I love your ideas!"

“The crossword was a welcome addition to the program for sure… We’re very keen to continue our arrangement if you are.”

- Golden Plains Music Festival

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“The hen’s day and wedding went really well thanks!”

“Everyone loved the crossword and was a great ice breaker to get the day started!

Thanks again”

IMG_0446 (1).jpeg

“Mum absolutely loved it, as did the rest of the family.”

“Mum loves her food, but barely touched her lunch because she was so distracted with trying to beat her sister-in-law with getting the clues out.”


“This is perfect!”

“Exactly what I was after, thanks for being so receptive to all my ideas. I’m sure he’ll love it, thanks so much again!”

(he did, pictured)


“So much pleasure created!”

“Thank you for your great work. The non-cryptic family members all had a go, and we might have converted a few of them to this additive activity.”

“Amazing work!!”

“That's absolutely brilliant and I cannot wait until he sees it - he's going to be so chuffed. Thanks again LR, I'm blown away by your creativity and humour - they're fantastic clues.”


“It was a really fun part of the day…”

“…and I would highly recommend a wedding puzzle to anyone having an upcoming wedding! It’s a wonderful ice-breaker and souvenir for guests and married couple alike. Our guests weren’t particularly nerdy, but everyone got into the spirit.”


“The crossword was a HUGE hit!

“Mum just finished it, was loving it!”

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 8.59.45 pm.png

“Oh my gosh…”

“… it’s incredible! Thank you so much!”


NGV crossword tournament!

“All the contestants were happy and two people came up to me afterwards commenting on what a 'well-run' event it was!”