Liam Runnalls (or LR as he is known to some) is an Australian crossword compiler. His puzzles have been syndicated in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald since 2012. You can find his crosswords in print every second Monday.

His puzzles have also appeared in various places, including The Canberra Times, The Herald Sun, The Neighbourhood Paper, Golden Plains Music Festival, 3RRR and The NGV crossword tournament.

He also makes puzzles exclusively for subscribers of his own publication PuzzleMail. Download a free sample here.

LR is a regular speaker at writers festivals and a proud member of The Good Copy’s monthly crossword club.

Here’s an interview LR did with his friend Rhett about how he became a crossword writer.

Here’s an article about LR from Frankie Magazine.

And here is a Q and A with fellow cruciverbalist and ABC radio host David Astle over at the DA blog.

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LR is also a cartoonist, so head on over to to see his 100% tasteful webcomic.

Need a crossword for a friend’s birthday or a marketing campaign? Check out LR’s custom crosswords.